Temporary (special) registration

Temporary (special) registration is for occupational therapists registered in other Canadian jurisdictions who want to provide in-person services to clients located in PEI for a limited time and purpose. For remote practice, different rules apply.

To apply for temporary registration with PEICOT, follow these steps:

  1. Set up an account in the online registration system - HMS, choosing temporary registration (3 months) or temporary registration (6 months) as your registration type.
  2. Pay the application fee.
    Once the application fee has been received and the PEICOT Registrar approves your basic HMS account, you will get an email notification.
  3. Fill out the first page of the Regulatory History Form - Authorization to Release Information. Email the completed form to the Registrar or designate in your primary jurisdiction.
    The Registrar or designate in your primary jurisdiction will complete the Regulatory History Confirmation portion of the form and email it to the PEICOT Registrar.
  4. Log into your account and complete all mandatory information in your profile:
    1. basic and contact information
    2. education information
    3. employment information
    4. complete and sign the legal statement
    5. continuing education hours (continued education section in your HMS account)
    6. currency (practice) hours (practice hours section in your HMS account)
  5. Upload required documents:
    1. proof of registration in your original jurisdiction (basic tab in your member profile)
    2. birth certificate (basic tab in your member profile)
    3. valid picture ID (must be in colour) (basic tab in your member profile)
    4. certificate of professional liability insurance (miscellaneous tab in your member profile)
    5. criminal record screening results document not older than six months (miscellaneous tab in your member profile)
  6. Pay the applicable temporary registration fee.

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