History of OT regulation in PEI


  • First draft of the Registered Occupational Therapists Act brought before the Prince Edward Island (PEI) Legislature
  • 3 Occupational Therapists registered to practice


  • Registered Occupational Therapists Act and Regulations are passed in the PEI Legislature
  • PEI Association of Occupational Therapists (PEIAOT) formed as licensing body for Occupational Therapists practicing in province


  • 18 Occupational Therapists practicing on Prince Edward Island


  • Registered Occupational Therapists Act revised and proclaimed in the Provincial Legislature


  • Registered OT Act RSPEI 1988 repealed
  • Major revision to the Occupational Therapists Act proclaimed July 1
  • Licensing body (PEI AOT) becomes the PEI Occupational Therapists Registration Board (PEIOTRB)


  • PEIOTRB represented at National Regulatory meetings


  • PEIOTRB Logo created and adopted
  • PEIOTRB Website launched
  • PEIOTRB collaborates with Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) to begin a 5 year project to build a national Occupational Therapists Human Resources Data Project


  • Online database created as part of Department of Health project funded by Health Canada
  • 36 Occupational Therapists registered to practice


  • Phase 1 of national project to assist with the evaluation of Internationally Educated Occupational Therapist s(IEOTs) seeking registration in Canada initiated


  • Phase 2 of IEOT Project initiated


  • HRSDC funds 5-year Harmonization project for ACOTRO to continue its collaborative efforts and complete the final Phase of a Pan-Canadian initiative aimed at implementing a common assessment approach for the qualification recognition and competence based assessment of IEOTs


  • New and updated website launched. Website committee formed


  • 53 Occupational Therapists registered to practice


  • PEIOTRB hired its first paid employee, Heather Cutcliffe, as Registrar
  • 60 Occupational Therapists registered to practice in PEI


  • Occupational Therapy Act and OT Regulations (Registration and Misconduct) repealed February 1st
  • PEI Occupational Therapists Registration Board transitioned to PEI College of Occupational Therapists under Regulated Health Professions Act on February 1st
  • Occupational Therapists Regulations proclaimed February 1st
  • 70 Occupational Therapists registered to practice in PEI


  • New version of the online registration system launched
  • Public-facing website redesigned