Required documents

Registrants must provide the following required documents to the College in an electronic format within their account in the online registration system - HMS (file types accepted: .jpg, .png, or .pdf, maximum file size: 8MB).

All applicants

Birth certificate and photo ID in colour

These documents are needed to prove the applicant's identity.

The photo ID must be a government-issued identification document with a photograph—a driver's license, passport or permanent resident card.

Criminal record screening (renewed every 5 years)

Criminal record screening results must include a vulnerable sector check. The results document must not be older than 6 months.

The full name appearing on the vulnerable sector check must match the name used to register for the College. The report must also indicate that a search was conducted under all previous legal names used by the registrant.

More information in Criminal Record Check (CRC) policies

Certificate of insurance (renewed annually)

The certificate of insurance must verify that you are covered by a current and valid professional liability insurance (PLI) with the minimum coverage amount of $5 million per occurrence and $5 million aggregate per year, excluding legal or court costs.

Other documents uploaded in a member's profile

All PEICOT registrants maintain their professional profile online. This includes, for example, uploading proof of a completed course as part of their continued education.

Registrants may be required to upload documents such as proof of registration in their primary jurisdiction if they are applying for temporary registration.

Some documents will be uploaded to a member's profile by the PEICOT Registrar, such as the official transcript for an OT education entry.