General registration - occupational therapists educated in Canada

If you graduated from an occupational therapy education program in Canada and wish to practice in PEI, you must register with PEICOT. New graduates working towards completing their entry-to-practice exam may register as provisional registrants.

To apply for registration with PEICOT for the first time:

  1. Set up an account in the online registration system - HMS, choosing new applicant as your registration type.
  2. Pay the application fee.
  3. Once the application fee has been received and the PEICOT Registrar approves your basic HMS account, you will get an email notification. Log into your account.
  4. Complete all mandatory information in your profile:
    1. basic and contact information
    2. education information
    3. employment information
    4. complete and sign the legal statement
    5. enter continuing education hours (if applicable) (continued education section in your HMS account)
    6. enter currency (practice) hours (if applicable) (practice hours section in your HMS account)
  5. Upload required documents:
    1. birth certificate
    2. valid picture ID (in colour)
    3. certificate of professional liability insurance (miscellaneous tab in your member profile)
    4. criminal record screening results document not older than six months (miscellaneous tab in your member profile)
  6. Provide proof of completed education and examination requirements:
    1. request from your educational institution to email the official transcripts of your completed program directly to the PEICOT Registrar
      The Registrar will upload the official transcripts into your HMS profile.
    2. upload the certificate of completed NOTCE if you have completed the exam; otherwise see provisional registration
  7. Pay the general registration fee
    Once the PEICOT Registrar approves your application, your registration with PEICOT will be activated and you will get an email notification to inform you that your registration is complete.
  8. Find your registration certificate and the official payment receipt under payment history in your profile. Print your registration certificate for your records or display.

Within three months of initial registration, new registrants under LMSA must:

Provisional registration

If you are a new graduate working towards completing the entry-to-practice examination (NOTCE), you will be considered a provisional registrant by the time you complete the exam.

To apply for College registration as a new graduate awaiting NOTCE results follow these steps:

  1. Complete all the steps for general registration listed above except 6b.
  2. As a provisional registrant you may only work under supervision. You must secure a supervisor from your place of employment.
    The supervisor must fill out the Supervisor Confirmation Form and email it to the PEICOT Registrar.
  3. Update your NOTCE status to In progress (registered) and upload the supporting document in your HMS profile under education.
  4. Upon completion of the exam, upload your NOTCE certificate in your HMS profile under education.
    The PEICOT Registrar will review the certificate and switch your registration type to general.

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