Find an Occupational Therapist in the Province of Prince Edward Island

Occupational therapists work in a variety of settings across all three counties in PEI. Some of these settings include:

  • Acute care hospitals
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Home care programs
  • Long term care facilities
  • Community mental health
  • Private practice
  • Administration
  • Schools and/or early childcare centres
  • Workplaces
  • Workers Compensation Board


Clients and their caregivers can self-refer to an Occupational Therapist in Prince Edward Island.

Current List of Private Practice Occupational Therapists Registered in PEI

Name City / Town Phone Number Areas of Practice
Alice Anand Toner Summerside (902) 786-6156 -not specified-
Marie Brine Cornwall (902) 393-5151 Cognitive Rehab, Mental Health, Pain Management, School Age Services
Chloe Bruce Souris West (902) 327-0200 Pediatrics (ASD, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Developmental Delays, Physical Disabilities, Self-Regulation, Anxiety ,etc.), Mental Health, Chronic Pain Management, Return to Work, Home Assessments, Workplace Ergonomic Assessments
Felicia A. Burchell Dartmouth (902) 222-5022 Vocational rehab, career counselling, pain management counselling
Selynn Butler Warren Grove (902) 620-9136 Mental Health, Chronic Pain Management, Return to Work, Exposure Therapy
Shianna Cormier Oyster Bed Bridge (902) 940-0581 Mental Health Pediatrics
Karla M. Crawford Little York (902) 626-7591 Comprehensive Driving Evaluation
MacKenzie A. Deighan Stratford (902) 393-4564 general physical health, ergonomic assessments
Katie Fullerton Cornwall (902) 218-9678 Wheelchair Seating and Mobility; Home Assessments; Workplace Ergonomic Assessments
Marjorie J. Hackett Stratford (902) 626-8235 Mental Health, Home Care, Geriatrics, seating
Mark Holland Stratford (902) 628-1544 Office Ergonomics
Alicia Jameson Cornwall (902) 626-9591 Mental Health Pediatrics Sleep Independent Living Skills
Michael E. LeBlanc Stratford (902) 218-1301 -not specified-
Sarah MacKenzie Charlottetown (902) 664-4793 -not specified-
Donna F. MacLeod Stratford (902) 394-3757 Mental Health/PTSD Home Assessments & Accessibility Chronic Pain - PGAP Certified Brain Injury & Concussion
Grant MacLeod Charlottetown (902) 629-0235 1. Wheelchairs Seating and Mobility. 2. Long Term Care Occupational Therapy 3. Home Accessibility.
Jane P. MacNutt Stratford (902) 314-5190 Case management, worksite/ergonomic assessments, home assessments
Lauren W. Mood Stratford (902) 749-8377 -not specified-
Sherry L. Mourant Moncton (902) 229-0576 Concussion Management
Karen Nabuurs Summerside (403) 829-2086 Pediatric OT
Jennifer J. Neill Grand tracadie (902) 314-3069 Sensory processing and emotional regulation Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability
Elizabeth Organ Charlottetown (709) 427-8474 -not specified-
Amanda K. Paynter Springbrook (902) 886-2529 Ergonomic Assessments
Jillian Paynter Winsloe (902) 213-0556 -not specified-
Rogan J. Power Summerside (506) 478-2231 - Home care - Long-Term Care - Seating/Surfaces
Shannon J. Reid Charlottetown (902) 316-0048 -not specified-
Lloyd A. Richard Hammonds Plains (902) 223-3561 Medicolegal Assessment
Lisa A. Saunders-Green Harmony (902) 449-7195 Medical Legal Consulting
Chelsey T. Walker Summerside (902) 432-4764 Workstation Ergonomics

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How do I become an Occupational Therapist?

To work as an occupational therapist on Prince Edward Island, you must complete a university degree, pass a certification exam and be registered with the PEI College of Occupational Therapists.

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