PEICOT Council Members 2018
PEICOT Council Members (L to R, clockwise): Dawna Woodside, Janice Morrison, Joanne McNeary, Jane MacNutt, Julie Dennis

PEI College of Occupational Therapists Responsibilities

  • to protect the public by setting standards for entry to practice the profession (such as education, fieldwork and exam)
  • setting standards for ongoing practice and conduct (the Essential Competencies of Practice for Occupational Therapists 3rd Edition, Code of Ethics, etc.)
  • establishing guidelines and quality assurance programs (such as continuing competency requirements) to ensure that occupational therapists practice safely, ethically and competently.
  • to investigate complaints raised about a registrant's practice

Client Complaints

The College has the responsibility to investigate and take action on complaints or other information that is brought to its attention, that pertains to occupational therapists and their conduct.

If a patient or a caregiver has a complaint about an occupational therapist, they should contact the Registrar of the College through this website, or by mail. For a complaint to be pursued, it must be provided in writing to the College. Complaints must include the name and address of the complainant, the name of the occupational therapist, and details about the event (such as the date, time, place and name of any other persons involved).

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